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Criminal law



The optimal criminal defense is characterized by taking apart every single case and looking to the smallest detail precisely. Every smallest detail can be important for the case.

In addition, the current state of the proceedings must be taken into account and previous case law must be analyzed and evaluated. Every criminal case is individual and must be treated as such. Every case must be taken seriously. No matter if only a simple assault, a fraud or even a murder is accused. All of this makes criminal law a highly complex matter.

The Pestka Law Firm, with the assignment of defense for you, takes over exactly these activities and dedicates itself to the above-mentioned standards, so that you can find a better sleep again.

After the situation has been analyzed and evaluated from a factual and legal point of view, a defense strategy will be designed together with you. Your interests will be taken into account in the best possible way. 

The goal of Pestka Law Firm is always to achieve the best possible result for you. This applies to all matters of criminal law.

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