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Customs law



Advice and representation in disputes

  • within the framework of the classification of goods and in connection with binding tariff information

  • concerning the reimbursement of collateral already provided

  • arising from the antidumping law

  • arising from the customs valuation law

  • concerning the defense against import duties and customs post-clearance levies

  • within the framework of determination of the origin of goods and utilization of tariff preferences

  • concerning remission and refund of import duties

  • within the framework of customs audits

  • arising from civil law claims for damages and public liability claims

  • arising from customs warehousing law

  • related to customs authorizations and simplifications

  • within the framework of the law of temporary use

  • within the framework of border seizures


  • in and out of court

  • towards all customs offices and main customs offices

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